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What programs are available for Desperation College students?

The Traditional Program is designed for students ages 18 to 24 years old who have a high school diploma or GED. This portion of the college is a full-time experience, and is designed specifically for students who desire to pursue vocational ministry. Students will graduate with an Advanced Certificate of Ministry from Desperation College and have the option to complete a Certificate of Theology from Portland Bible College.

The Evening Program is designed for the adult learner ages 20 and up. This portion of the college is part-time, and built for people who have other commitments that do not allow participation in the full-time program. This program is designed for adults who might pursue vocational ministry or who simply want to increase their leadership capacity. Students will graduate with a Certificate of Ministry.

Where is the school?

Desperation College will be hosted at our Cullman Downtown Campus. The physical address is 202 Elizabeth St. N.E. Cullman, AL 35055.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is not available at this time. However, our goal is to have every student graduate debt free. This can be accomplished by setting up a payment plan for each semester.

Do I get traditional college credit?

Desperation College is an affiliate of Portland Bible College. Affiliate classes in our Traditional Program are available for transfer into a PBC degree program (6.5 credit hours/semester). Students must meet grade, attendance, and financial requirements in order to be eligible for transfer. Affiliate classes offered at Desperation College are only available for transfer to Portland Bible College.

The Evening Program does not offer classes that are transferrable.

What programs are available through Portland Bible College?

Portland Bible College offers three additional online degree programs in which students can be dual-enrolled while taking affiliate classes at Desperation College. Students in the traditional program have the ability to complete a Certificate of Theology with Portland, pending one class that must be taken directly with PBC. The additional programs are as follows:

Associate of Theology
Bachelors of Theology
Associate of Church Leadership

Students who are degree seeking with PBC will need to follow deadlines and requirements set forth by PBC.

How long are the programs?

Our Traditional Program is a two-year long commitment with the ability to apply for a 3rd year internship at Desperation Church. The program consists of two fall and two spring semesters allowing students to enroll at either semester.

Our Evening Program is a two-year commitment consisting of two fall and two spring semesters allowing students to enroll at either semester.

Can I work part-time or pursue other schooling as well?

Students are allowed to pursue jobs or other schooling while attending Desperation College. The schedules are structured to give students time off which allows for this. However, school schedules will take precedence over any outside event. Exceptions for individual schedules cannot be made.

What is the cost of books per semester?

The costs of textbooks are included in the price of tuition for all programs.

Does Desperation College offer housing?

Desperation College does not offer housing at this time.

What other materials will I need for school?

You will need a laptop computer during your time at Desperation College.

Is there a dress code for Desperation College?

Dress code will be addressed at Orientation.

What are the tuition rates?

Below are the following tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year:

Traditional Program

Technology Fee: $75

Tuition: $1700 per semester*

*Includes textbooks

*Includes Desperation College ministry and leadership classes, Portland Bible College classes and student fees

(Affiliate credit hours are transferrable into a PBC degree program)

Evening Program

Technology Fee: $75

Tuition: $500 per semester*

*Includes textbooks

*Includes Desperation College ministry and leadership classes